ONCE WERE SHARPS by Nick Tolewski & Dean Crozier



Once were Sharps by Nick  Tolewski & Dean Crozier

Take a trip back to Melbourne in the 1970s, to a time of ‘connies’, Staggers jeans, rat tails, and the people who wore them – the humble Sharpie.

“Once Were Sharps” opens a window on the Sharpie gang phenomena that swept Melbourne during the disco decade, honing in on perhaps the largest and fiercest of Melbourne’s Sharpie crews from the era, the Thomastown Sharps.

Pieced together from first-hand accounts of the people who were there, “Once Were Sharps” takes a short, sweet, sometimes light-hearted look at Thomastown Sharp gang life and the moments (and fights) that defined them, from the gang’s inception through to their demise.

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